A Month of Innovation and Community Growth

5 min readApr 30, 2024


The past month at DTX has been a period of exceptional progress, marked by exciting new features, strategic partnerships, and a thriving community. As a leading perpetual trading DEX on Blast L2, we’re dedicated to providing users with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the dynamic world of crypto trading.

Today at a Glance:

Explosive Growth:

  • TVL Surpassed $18 Million
  • Trading Volume Exceeded 1.65 Billion

Enhanced User Rewards:

  • Launched DTX Referral Program
  • Introduced DTX eZETH Vault with 2x Multiplier

Expanding the DTX Ecosystem:

  • Partnered with Renzo Protocol & Brahma Console for Expanded LP Benefits and Trading Efficiency

New Token Listings:

  • Listed 26 New Tokens Including Merlin (First Perp DEX Listing)
  • $SLERF, $DEGEN, $TAO, $SAGA and more!

Blast Gold Distribution:

  • 75.5K Blast Gold Distributed Based on $1.65 Billion Trading Volume

Explosive Growth

DTX: A Platform That’s Gaining Traction:

At DTX, we’re committed to building a platform that fosters trust and user adoption. Our Total Value Locked (TVL) has seen impressive growth, reaching a high of $18 million. This accomplishment represents the growing confidence the DeFi community has in DTX.

Trading Volume Skyrockets:

The total trading volume on DTX has soared past a staggering 1.65 billion. This incredible achievement highlights the platform’s growing popularity among active traders seeking a seamless and efficient trading environment.

Enhanced User Rewards

DTX Referral Programme:

We’re excited to announce the launch of our DTX Referral Program, designed to incentivize both existing users and new traders. Existing users can refer friends and earn rewards based on their referral’s trading activity. New users who join the platform through a referral link can also enjoy benefits like sign-up bonuses or reduced trading fees. This program fosters a win-win situation, encouraging user growth and community engagement.

Learn more: https://medium.com/@0xdtx/dtx-referral-program-medium-version-616ec349ea50

DTX eZETH Vault with a 2x Multiplier:

We’ve introduced a revolutionary new feature — the DTX ezETH Vault. This innovative vault caters to ETH holders seeking to maximize their returns. Users can seamlessly deposit their ETH into the vault and earn a staggering 2x multiplier on their holdings.

Whether you’re a passive investor seeking effortless yield or an active trader looking for advanced strategies, DTX has something for you. The ezETH Vault offers a seamless way to earn on your ETH holdings, while the Renzo Protocol integration empowers LPs to maximize their returns. DTX’s robust trading environment caters to active traders seeking to capitalize on market opportunities

Learn more: https://medium.com/@0xdtx/introducing-the-dtx-ezeth-vault-with-a-2x-multiplier-f7e446f92bda

Expanding the DTX Ecosystem

DTX x District One Partnership:

We’re proud to announce our partnership with District One, a leading social space for users to participate in DeFi and NFT activities with a focus on earning rewards. This collaboration unlocks exciting benefits for the DTX community, including access to exclusive token offerings and participation in potential airdrops.

Join us: https://districtone.io/space/3118?inviteCode=LSP478

DTX x Renzo Protocol Partnership:

Committed to providing our LPs with more ways to maximize their returns, we’ve established a partnership with Renzo Protocol. Renzo Protocol is a cutting-edge platform that allows users to create structured products and leverage their holdings. Through this partnership, DTX LPs can deposit their ezETH assets with Renzo and earn Renzo Points alongside LP rewards on their ezETH. This integration enables LPs to benefit from Renzo’s innovative features and explore new yield generation strategies.

DTX x Brahma Console Collaboration:

We’ve partnered with Brahma Console, a powerful trading platform known for its automation capabilities. This collaboration provides DTX users with a convenient solution for maximizing their Blast Gold earnings. Users can enjoy a 1.5x multiplier on their DTX trades through Brahma Console for a 30-day period, allowing them to leverage automation tools while earning additional Blast Gold rewards.

Learn more: https://twitter.com/BrahmaFi/status/1780269058069524661

New Token Listings

DTX Becomes First Perp DEX to List Merlin:

As part of our ongoing commitment to expanding the trading universe for our users, we’ve just added a whopping 26 new tokens to the DTX platform! This includes prominent names like $ENA, $SLERF, $SAGA, $WIF alongside a diverse range of other exciting projects.

However, a particular highlight is our pioneering role in listing Merlin. DTX is the first perpetual DEX to list Merlin on-chain, allowing users to long or short Merlin with up to 20x leverage. This groundbreaking integration opens doors for potential alpha generation and capitalises on market movements for our users.

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Blast Gold Distribution

The Blast Gold snapshot was taken on April 24th, 2024, at 4 PM UTC. Based on a trading volume of $1.65 billion over 31 days, a total of 75.5K Blast Gold was distributed to the community. Moving forward, DTX will allocate 25% of the Gold to LPs, incentivizing liquidity provision, while the remaining 75% will be distributed to traders and strategic partners within the DTX ecosystem.

We’re incredibly grateful for your continued support and enthusiastic about the progress we’ve made together.

Happy Trading!

The DTX Team

Unleashing the DeFi Degen Within

Are you a DeFi enthusiast seeking a thrilling trading adventure? DTX caters to your needs with:

  • Wide Range of Token Listings: Trade a vast selection of tokens on DTX, from established cryptocurrencies to up and coming altcoins.
  • Deep Liquidity: DTX’s innovative Vault design ensures smooth entry and exit from positions, even with volatile assets, minimizing slippage.
  • Enhanced Trading Environment: DTX utilizes oracles-based for price discovery, offering better protection against liquidation compared to centralized exchanges during extreme market conditions.
  • No Deposit Required: Self-custody of all your funds.
  • NFT Account: Using NFTs as collateral to access loans and liquidity pools within DeFi protocols.

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