A Remarkable Month of Growth

3 min readMar 28, 2024


This past month has been a whirlwind at DTX, and we’re thrilled to share the exciting progress we’ve made! As a leading perpetual trading DEX on Blast L2, we’re committed to providing traders with the best trading experience.

Today at a Glance:

Building a Secure Foundation

Mainnet Beta Takes Flight

Backed by Industry Leaders

DTX Starship Program

Alpha Pools at Capacity

Token Swap Function

Security First

Cultivating trust and assurance is key. To ensure the security of your funds and trades, we’ve had our smart contracts meticulously audited by Slowmist— a renowned international blockchain security firm trusted by over 1,000 protocols worldwide.

Mainnet Beta Launch

The much-anticipated Mainnet Beta is Live! We’re already seeing a surge of traders exploring the platform, and the future looks bright.

Here are some key metrics (as of writing this):

Total Value Locked: $10.45M

Total Trading Volume: $500M

Total Accounts: 2,437

Backed by The Best

We’re proud to announce that our angel round attracted investments from a roster of leading venture capitalists. Their belief in our vision fuels our commitment to innovation.

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DTX Starship Program

To celebrate our launch and reward our early adopters, we’ve announced the DTX Starship Program. This exciting program offers exclusive benefits and rewards to traders who join us on our journey.


Earning DTX Fuel & Blast Gold

  • Trading: Earn FUEL by trading on DTX. The more you trade, the more FUEL you earn (across all listed pairs).
  • Referrals: Invite friends to the platform and earn FUEL based on their trading activity.
  • Blast Gold: The distribution method for Blast Gold will mirror the approach used for DTX FUEL. User will earn Blast Gold by trading on DTX.


Alpha Pools at Capacity

We’ve been putting our innovative Alpha Vaults to the test! Our 3 USDB-based Alpha Vaults are experiencing near 100% utilization. The response has been phenomenal—a testament to the exciting trader opportunities we offer.

To further enhance your experience, we’ve also added a convenient swap function, allowing users to quickly swap USDB through our partner for seamless margining and participation in our alpha pools.

We appreciate your ongoing support. Having you involved in shaping the future of perpetual trading fills us with great enthusiasm.

Happy Trading!

The DTX Team

Unleashing the DeFi Degen Within

Are you a DeFi enthusiast seeking a thrilling trading adventure? DTX caters to your needs with:

  • Wide Range of Token Listings: Trade a vast selection of tokens On DTX, from established cryptocurrencies to up and coming altcoins.
  • Deep Liquidity: DTX’s innovative Vault design ensures smooth entry and exit from positions, even with volatile assets, minimizing slippage.
  • Enhanced Trading Environment: DTX utilizes oracles-based for price discovery, offering better protection against liquidation compared to centralized exchanges during extreme market conditions.
  • No Deposit Required: Self-custody of all your funds.
  • NFT Account: Using NFTs as collateral to access loans and liquidity pools within DeFi protocols.

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Join the DTX community now and embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and success!

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