Building on DTX, Prelude II: DTX Friends Alliance Program

3 min readOct 13, 2023

A tide of innovation is coming. And we want you to be there for it.

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of DTX’s V1 on Testnet. The first ever DEX to integrate its primary trading system with a unique tokenized vault feature, using ERC4626. With the launch of the DTX V1 on Testnet, we’re welcoming contributors from all over the world to build with us.

To us, the DTX community is everything. We’ll be putting our hearts into creating a thriving DeFi ecosystem with all kinds of degens, operating on our core principle: openness. Perfection is achieved when many brilliant minds come together. We were hoping to hear your voice.

The Friends Alliance Program exists for this purpose. You won’t just be an ally, you’ll be a co-creator. Recognizing your expertise and contribution, we will shower you with compensation and benefits.

Read on to choose which role you’ll play.

Community Contributors Program

We’re seeking individuals with talented skills to join and enhance our community. In recognition of your expertise, we will provide compensation in various forms including but not limited DTX’s token airdrops.


DTX is a perp DEX with copy trading feature. We are looking for experienced Traders to join us. Participate in the product test, provide feedbacks, build along with us and earn rewards.

You will receive:

  1. An exclusive rebate rate after the main-net launch.
  2. Outstanding traders will be given the Whitelist for the Copy-Trading section, allowing you to earn more from copy-trading profits and receive both commission and transaction fee rebates.
  3. A Degen Trader role on Discord with access to an exclusive channel.

To apply, please submit this form and detailing your trading volume and history.


DTX is looking for ambassadors who can represent our brand worldwide. Ambassadors play a crucial role in community growth and building global connections. Applicants should have well-established connections within their local crypto community. Their responsibilities will include promoting DTX and hosting both offline and online events.

You will receive:

  1. Monthly compensation (rates determined by geographical regions).
  2. An option to apply for funds to support event hosting.

To apply, please submit this form and showcase your influence within the crypto community.

Alpha Caller:

DTX’s community thrives on trading on Alpha News. We appreciate individuals who offer crypto Alpha opportunities that benefit our members. If you excel at identifying Alphas or have rich experience in analyzing projects, we invite you to share your insights or Alpha Calls in our #Alpha-Call channel. This channel is dedicated to sharing recommendations, conducting project analyses, and fostering collaborative learning.

To prevent scamming or misinformation, we take the role of Alpha Caller seriously, and interviews will be scheduled for suitable candidates.

You will receive:

  1. Monthly compensation (rates determined by geographical regions).

To apply, please submit this form and provide some sample of your trading analysis.

Community Points System Program

DTX will primarily incentivize active community members on Discord. Before proceeding, ensure your Twitter handle and wallet address are linked to our Discord bot (refer to the #points-guide channel for guidance). It’s important to note that community points function independently from BasePerp Testnet events, offering active members a way to secure additional rewards. There are two methods to earn points. more details are explained below:

  1. Twitter Engagement:
  • Engage with tweets in our #tweet-engage channel on Discord.
  • Each action (like, retweet, comment) will earn you 1 point.

2. Content Creation:

  • Content can be product overview, user tutorials, educational or many others.
  • Share your threads, videos, or tweets in our #Content-share channel on Discord.
  • Content will be reviewed, and only high-quality content will be awarded points.
  • Platforms for content can vary, including social media, forums, blogs or websites.

Tweets: 20 points

Articles or Threads: 100 points

Videos or Podcasts: 150 points

  • Content retweeted by DTX’s official Twitter: 50 points (extra)

You will receive:

  1. Five different levels of roles based on community points.
  2. Future token airdrops and benefits determined by your total points.

Wrap up

We sincerely hope that this marks the commencement of a lifelong friendship, one that will endure for eternity.

Stay Connected Friends

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