DTX &Blast: Yield & Rewards breakdown

3 min readApr 4, 2024


When users bridge assets into Blast and use DTX, they generate various sources of return and rewards. In this piece, we are going to talk in more depth about the benefits that DTX users can get from using the platform.

We categorize the value that users can unlock from utilising DTX into three categories: Blast Native Yield, Blast-related revenues gained through DTX, and exclusive prizes from the DTX platform.

Part A: Blast Native Yield

Hold ETH/WETH or USDB on Blast and earn a yield based on Blast’s native yield rules

  • ETH/WETH APR: ~4% + Blast Points
  • USDB APR: ~15% + Blast Points

*Blast’s native yield is dynamic, meaning it adjusts automatically. This ensures you always receive the latest rates.

Part B: BLAST Rewards [Blast Gold and Blast Points]

Blast Gold

  • Blast Gold is a reward given by Blast to Dapps developer. DTX airdrops 100% of this reward to users based on their trading volume. The more you trade, the more Blast Gold you can earn!
  • DTX will take a snapshot on the 24th of each month and distribute Blast Gold based on users’ trading volume.

*Starting from April 24th, 2024, DTX will allocate 25% of the Blast Gold in the subsequent distribution to liquidity providers

Learn more about Blast Gold

Blast Points:

  • By integrating with the Blast Points API, DTX allows users to earn Blast Points for holding assets on Blast (deposits in DTX Vaults) and providing collateral for open positions.
  • DTX distributes these rewards every Friday.

Learn more about Blast Points

Part C: Exclusive Rewards from DTX

DTX Starship Program & Fuel

  • DTX Fuel is your reward for navigating the DTX trading platform. Earn Fuel through every trade you place (across all listed pairs) and by referring friends to the platform.
  • The more Fuel you accumulate, the greater your share of future DTX token airdrops.

Learn more about the DTX Starship Program

More to come

DTX is continuously developing and deploying more reward programs, fostering a richer experience for early adopters with real-time rewards and future opportunities. Stay tuned to our social media and community announcements to be the first to hear about exciting new ways to benefit from DTX.

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