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3 min readApr 17, 2024


DTX’s monumental launch has achieved an impressive TVL of $18 million, accompanied by a thriving community of 7,000 active users. We would not have achieved any of this without your support. Building a thriving DTX community is our goal, and we appreciate your efforts and value your continued dedication to helping us achieve our vision. Today, we are delighted to introduce our highly anticipated referral program.


Open to all: Everyone is welcome to participate in the DTX Referral Program. Please obtain your referral code and links according to the following steps:

A. Go to the “Referral” page.

B. Click on the “Affiliates” tab.

C. Create a referral code using any combination of letters, numbers, and underscores. Remember, referral codes are case-sensitive.

D. Once your code is created, click the copy icon next to it to obtain your unique referral link.

Customized Referral Rebates: If you are a community leader, investment management company, and other flow-enriched protocols, please open a ticket in our official Discord channel to get a customized rebate. We will be glad to engage in a conversation and provide a necessary evaluation of the rebate that aligns with your needs.

Referral Rules

The DTX Referral Program uses a 3-tier incentive system based on two key thresholds (update weekly): Numbers of New referees and Total Trading Volume that generated by Referrers and Referees.

3-tier Trading Fees Discount and Rebate% Diagram

For Tier 1 Referrers:

Trading Fees Discount:5%

Trading Fees Rebate%:5%

Minimum Weekly Quantity of New User Referrals:0

Minimum Weekly Combined Transaction Volume Among Referrers and Referees: $5,000

Anyone can create a Tier 1 invitation code.

For Tier 2 Referrers:

Trading Fees Discount: 10%

Trading Fees Rebate%: 10%

Minimum Weekly Quantity of New User Referrals:15

Minimum Weekly Combined Transaction Volume Among Referrers and Referees: $5 million

For Tier 3 Referrers:

Trading Fees Discount: 10%

Trading Fees Rebate%: 15%

Minimum Weekly Quantity of New User Referrals: 30

Minimum Weekly Combined Transaction Volume Among Referrers and Referees: $25 million

Other Rewards

DTX Fuel, Blast Gold,Blast Points, Trading Fees Discount and Trading Fees Rebate% Diagram


  1. Trading fee rebates and discounts apply only to opening and closing fees associated with leverage trading.
  2. In terms of trading fee rebates and discounts: Referrers would receive both trading fee rebates and trading fee discounts. Referees would receive a trading fee discount only.
  3. The multi-tier Referral Program is open to every individual, wallet provider, and other protocols.

Referral Rewards History Tracking

Affiliates can claim their rewards and view their rebate history on the Referral Page. Upon clicking “Claim Rewards,” the rewards will be transferred to the affiliate’s connected Blast blockchain wallet. Trading fee discounts and rebate amounts are displayed in target trading tokens.

Join us now, spread the word, and brace yourself for personal gains beyond imagination. Let’s unlock the full potential of the DTX referral program and revolutionize the future of trading.

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