DTX Starship program: Fueling Your Journey in Decentralized Perpetual Trading.

3 min readMar 25, 2024


Welcome aboard to the DTX Starship Program, your gateway to a revolutionary decentralized perpetual exchange (DEX) built on Blast L2. We offer seamless access to over 100 crypto assets with up to 100x leverage, all within a secure and user-friendly platform. Our V1 mainnet is safe, fully functional, and open-sourced.

DTX Starship Program: Rewarding Early Adopters

We’re launching the DTX Starship Program, a unique rewards initiative for early adopters. By participating, you’ll earn DTX FUEL, which grants you a share of the reward pool at the end of each season. We aim to foster a strong community and increase the chances of long-term success.

Earning DTX FUEL & Blast Gold

There are several ways to earn DTX FUEL in Season 1:

  • Trading: Earn FUEL by trading on DTX. The more you trade, the more FUEL you earn (across all listed pairs).
  • Referrals: Invite friends to the platform and earn FUEL based on their trading activity.
  • More to Come: Stay tuned for additional ways to earn FUEL, including rewards for trading profits/losses and partner launch pools.

Here’s the breakdown of the calculation:

For the Inviter: You’ll receive a 1% bonus in FUEL based on the total FUEL earned by your invitee throughout Season 1. This is a bonus reward on top of what your invitee earns.

For the Invitee: You’ll also receive an additional 1% FUEL bonus simply for joining through a referral link. This is on top of the FUEL you earn through your own trading activity.

Blast Gold Distribution

Blast Gold, for those unfamiliar, is a special token act as a grant within the Blast ecosystem designed to incentivize the growth of decentralized applications (dapps). Think of it as fuel for these innovative projects!

*Click here to learn more about Blast Gold.

*Please track your Blast Points and Blast Gold in the [Airdrop]-[Dapp Leaderboard] section on https://blast.io.

Starting from April 24th, 2024, DTX will allocate Blast Gold to traders and liquidity providers, with a distribution ratio of 75% to traders and 25% to liquidity providers.

Benefits for Liquidity Providers

  • Starting from April 24th, DTX will allocate 25% of the Blast Gold in the subsequent distribution to liquidity providers.
  • Meanwhile, a vibrant trading market fueled by incentive programs for traders will ultimately benefit LPs through our unique vault design.

Unleashing the DeFi Degen Within

Are you a DeFi enthusiast seeking a thrilling trading adventure? DTX caters to your needs with:

  • Wide Range of Token Listings: Trade a vast selection of tokens On DTX, from established cryptocurrencies to up and coming altcoins.
  • Deep Liquidity: DTX’s innovative Vault design ensures smooth entry and exit from positions, even with volatile assets, minimizing slippage.
  • Enhanced Trading Environment: DTX utilizes oracles-based for price discovery, offering better protection against liquidation compared to centralized exchanges during extreme market conditions.
  • No deposit required: Self-custody of all your funds.
  • NFT as a Sub-account: Using Sub-NFTs as collateral to access loans and liquidity pools within DeFi protocols.

Join the Community

Become part of a thriving community of traders:

  • Connect on Discord: Join discussions, share knowledge, and get real-time support.
  • Follow us on Twitter: Stay updated on the latest news, market analysis, and trading tips.

Together, let’s navigate the exciting world of decentralized trading and redefine the crypto landscape. Join the DTX STARSHIP PROGRAM today!

Join the DTX community now and embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and success!

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