DTX: The trading & liquidity engine on Taiko

3 min readJun 4, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that DTX deployed on Taiko mainnet today. Our mission is to be the liquidity infra and synthetic trading hub for degens on-chain.

DTX revolutionizes trading by providing traders with access to a diverse range of crypto assets. Leveraging the vAMM model and Risk-rated Vaults powered by oracles, DTX served 13,000 global users achieving a total trading volume of $1.75 billion since its launch.

Now DTX is deployed on Taiko, positioning itself as the trading and liquidity dual-engine for the ecosystem. By integrating permissionless spot trading and seamless perpetual trading, DTX offers dynamic trading and yield opportunities for traders and liquidity providers. DTX is en route to establishing the Concentrated Liquidity Management hub for Taiko, accelerating the growth and expansion of the Taiko ecosystem.

Taiko: The only Based Rollup

Taiko is a fully open-source, permissionless, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup. It is the only based rollup that can maintain security and decentralization on par with Ethereum. Moreover, the Taiko Mainnet has already been configured as a Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) to reduce transaction fees on Ethereum.

In the meantime, Taiko has developed a Type-1 zkvM to facilitate developer migration, and supports Multi-proofs, covering fraud proofs for Optimistic Rollups, validity proofs for ZK Rollups and SGX, delivering higher scalability and security.

Before its mainnet launch, Taiko has undergone extensive testing across multiple testnet events and has already enabled support for EIP-4844, which will allow DTX to deploy on a stable, high-efficiency, and low-cost ZK-Rollup. Furthermore, the Taiko community boasts over 1 million members globally, which will inject new vitality into DTX and catalyze a more vibrant trading liquidity-yield ecosystem.


DTX officially launched on the Taiko Mainnet on June 4, 2024. Access the platform at https://dtx.trade and select the Taiko Mainnet network to begin your journey on Taiko.


  • DTX Account

A secure and efficient on-chain account system built on the ERC-1155 standard.

  • Spot Trading

Enjoy effortless spot trading and participate in liquidity farming within the Taiko ecosystem.

  • Perpetual Trading

Engage in Perpetual trading and unique features like Risk-Rated Vaults.

  • Launchpad (Coming soon)

Be the first to access the most promising projects within the Taiko network through DTX’s upcoming Launchpad.

DTX will meticulously integrate perpetual trading pairs onto the Taiko Mainnet based on the availability of on-chain oracles, ensuring continuous support for the latest tradable assets.


1-Click here to learn more about Taiko

2-Click here to add Taiko Mainnet to your wallet.

3-Click here to access the official bridge of Taiko.


The DTX starship program will also land on Taiko. For those who trade on DTX through the Taiko network, DTX Fuel will be airdropped and can be converted to DTX tokens after the TGE.

  • Using DTX’s Perp trading feature on the Taiko network will earn you DTX Fuel based on actual trading volume.
  • DTX Fuel on the Taiko network and Fuel on Blast are mutually independent, both have the same value.
  • DTX will treat users from all networks fairly and distribute rewards according to the same principles in the rewards program.
  • DTX will provide separate rewards to users who use the Swap feature on the Taiko network. Please stay tuned.

For DTX community, DTX will participate in the Trailblazers event. Please stay tuned for announcements from DTX and Taiko to be the first to participate.

Click here to learn the Trailblazers: Call of Taiko

Join the DTX community now and embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and success!

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