DTX Q1 Recap: Major Achievement & Scaling for the Future

5 min readMay 15, 2024


Since launching our mainnet two months ago, DTX has achieved significant milestones while upholding our core values of openness, transparency, and decentralization. Our progress in product development, operational expansion, community growth, and trading data demonstrates our commitment to building a decentralized trading platform that empowers users globally.

This report highlights key milestones achieved in the past two months, demonstrating DTX’s growing momentum and positioning the platform for continued success.

Key achievements include a 5435.9% in trading volume, the establishment of strategic partnerships, and significant product updates tailored to the needs of our trader base.

Product Development

Expanded Asset Listings

We significantly expanded our asset offerings, adding 32 new coins to reach a total of over 70 listed assets. This empowers our traders with even greater choice and flexibility in their strategies

Alpha Pools

The launch of our Alpha Vaults was met with remarkable enthusiasm, with our Alpha Vault D delivering a 15% return for our LPs in just 40 days.

Operational Expansion

We’ve strategically expanded our reach through several key initiatives. The DTX Starship Program signals our commitment to fostering collaborations that benefit the entire DTX ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships, we’re unlocking a universe of new benefits for our DTX community.

  • District One: Gain exclusive access potential airdrop such as Blast Gold and DTX Fuel.
  • Renzo Protocol: Powerful new yield strategies and the potential to earn Renzo Points alongside ezETH LP rewards.
  • Brahma Console: Advanced trading automation tools and a 1.5x multiplier on Blast Gold earnings.

Community Growth

Impressive Twitter Growth

Our social media presence experienced significant growth, with almost 27K new followers, 30K likes, and notable content engagement. These metrics demonstrate an increasing interest in the DTX platform.


These efforts not only build a sense of belonging, but also provide valuable avenues for feedback that directly shape the platform’s development.

  • We’ve hosted 6 successful “Guess the Price” events across popular assets like $FOXY, $DEGEN, $BTC, and $SLERF. These contests consistently generate excitement and participation.
  • Our Poker Nights are a huge hit, with our largest tournament attracting 70 players. These events create a fun and social atmosphere for DTX users.
  • We’ve run two “Share Your Best Ideas” campaigns, directly soliciting community input on platform improvements and new features.
  • Our AMAs provide a platform for users to connect directly with the DTX team, ask questions, and have their voices heard. We’ve hosted two such AMAs to date.

With passionate users from all corners of the world actively participating in our Discord server. DTX has assembled a dedicated team of moderators. These moderators, strategically located across Europe, Japan, and Asia, provide 24/7 support and guidance.

Data Highlights

  • We’ve facilitated an impressive $1.7 billion in total trading volume since launch, with $1 million in current open interest signaling ongoing user activity.
  • 11,529 accounts have been created, demonstrating our growing appeal and adoption.
  • Our Total Value Locked (TVL) reached a peak of $18 million and has now stabilized within a range of $5–6 million. This sustained level demonstrates DTX’s resilience within a dynamic market and underscores the platform’s liquidity.

The significant trading volume generated by our top users since the start of March underscores DTX’s appeal within the competitive decentralized exchange landscape. Our top ten verified users have contributed a remarkable $817,117,008 trading volume to our platform’s success.

We firmly believe that DeFi is poised to revolutionize financial services on a global scale. DTX is committed to empowering users worldwide with fair and transparent access to financial tools through decentralized perpetual trading. We will continue to collaborate closely with our global community and partners to enhance the trading experience and drive innovation in this space.

About DTX

DTX is a decentralized perpetual exchange built on Blast L2 that provides access to 70+ crypto assets with up to 50x leverage. We are committed to giving back to our community by providing 100% Blast token airdrops and offering full refunds for gas fees.

When using DTX for perpetual trading, you can also earn multiple rewards and potential profits from Blast and DTX, including Blast Gold & Points, which can be converted into Blast token airdrops, and DTX Fuel, which can be converted into DTX token airdrops.

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